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Foreign Investors

TIP: Invest in assets most demanded by locals!

It makes sense when you think about it! If you ever decide to sell the investment, you can only sell your property back to a 'local buyer' and 90% of locals buyers prefer to live in a house not apartments! Landed House investments should become your preferred option!

Experienced in working closely with thousands of investors from all over the world, we can definitely make investing in Australia very easy for you...

We will provide you with all the information and supportive evidence you need in making an informed decision about your purchase!

Our investors will receive full support with all aspects of investing here in Australia including; (Investment options available in all states of Australia)

Location Selection
FIRB Applications
Government Obligations
Obtaining Finance Loans
Legal Requirements
Purchasing Investments Packages
Diversification Strategies
Taxation Obligations
Property Management
Ongoing Backup Support

Local Expertise

It's said that; "Investing in a foreign country, is harder than investing in a local property market"! This is typically because investors usually listen to 'professionals and developers' from their home town. While this method can offer some initial comfort with decision making, it will ultimately have a huge cost in the future profits and possibly even an investors initial capital!

I think you would have to agree, WHO would know the property market better than a local expert in the country you wish to invest? And who could best advise you with the smartest purchasing strategies and methods?

AUSTRALIA is a very big country with a growing population!

DEMAND is the crucial ingredient that increases the value of a property and the population growth fuels that demand!

The '8 Key Ingredients' you should look for to succeed;

  • Security
  • Support
  • Demand
  • Cashflow
  • Capital Growth
  • Reduced Costs
  • Liquid-able Assets
  • Profits
Australia - a growing market

  • Australia's population is currently only 25,622,572...
    Expected to exceed 28,800,000 by 2027...
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